Beginning in the Fall of 2017, guitarists Aaron Holbert and Jeremy Schoeneman, (pronounced Show-na-man), who had previously been in a band together in 2011-2012, had reunited to begin writing new material with a vision of forming a new band whose sound would be complex and melodic, yet would also echo the classic hard rock sounds of years gone by.

After a brief search, bassist Rob Schultz joined the duo. With a wealth of rock knowledge and an ear for hooks and melody, he added a great dynamic to the sound the band was forming.

Vocalist Laura Richards was added to the lineup shortly thereafter. Her strong vocal ability and down-to-earth lyricism fit perfectly with the direction of the group, while also adding a refreshing uniqueness to the mix.

Adapability and creative thinking would be needed behind the drum kit, and that’s what the group got when German transplant Sebastian Brockhaus was recruited, thus completing the band.

NightDrive is:
Laura Richards – Vocals
Jeremy Schoeneman – Guitar/Vocals
Aaron Holbert – Guitar/Vocals
Rob Schultz – Bass
Sebastian Brockhaus – Drums