Rob Schultz – Bass

Rob began playing bass around the age of 13 and had his first public performance with a band when he was 16.
Initially inspired by the AOR and hard rock of his youth, he eventually found heavier sounds to be more appealing
and spent many years as a member of several metal, punk and hardcore bands – writing, recording and touring regionally.

With NightDrive, Rob is able to return to his roots a bit more; using the bass to hold down the
bottom end while adding in melody and harmonies to support the guitar riffs, adding fullness to the songs.

Fun Facts: Rob collects comic books, vinyl records and 1980’s toys with a passion. He’s an unapologetic fan of “hair metal” and
will wear a Winger t-shirt when he goes to see death metal bands. Rob also had “dad bod” before it was cool.

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