Sebastian Brockhaus – Drums

Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, Sebastian grew up far away from Cleveland. He started to display an interest in percussion by age eight, by going the usual route of assembling his own drum kit from his family’s supply of pots and pans. Shortly before depleting the entire kitchen, his parents got him a makeshift drum set by the summer of 1993, and a real kit for Christmas of the same year.

Sebastian played in numerous blues, punk and rock outfits between 1999 and 2013 in Hamburg before immigrating to the Promised Land. After meddling in Latin rock for several years while living in Utah, Sebastian relocated to Ohio and joined up with NightDrive in the Fall of 2017.

Fun Facts: Sebastian is a huge FC St. Pauli Fan, a “real football” team from Hamburg. (While playing in obscurity in 2nd Division, they have the best fans on the planet – YNWA!) He is also involved in a challenge with work colleagues to sneak as many Bruce Springsteen lyrical references into the titles of his research papers as possible. Thus far, he has two “Boss Papers” published with an additional one currently in the process. Due to his punk rock roots, Sebastian is always urging his bandmates to cut songs down to two and a half minutes in length.

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