In a day and age where hyper-awareness of socio-political issues has become commonplace, the simple joy of escapism through music has become something of a distant memory.

The ability to simply enjoy a song while turning off the barrage of your ever-racing thoughts, or to attend a show where you can leave all of your worries and cares at the door upon entry are becoming a sorely missed commodity in an environment where everyone is aware of everything at all times.

While not dismissing the importance of the topics of the day, that need for release, for temporary distraction, is also quite valid – and spirit of rock has not been completely encumbered by agenda – at least not in the case of NightDrive.

NightDrive hopes to help provide that release, to bring back some of the pure joy of rock music. Music that gets you pumped up, that gets hands clapping and heads bopping, that reminds us all that it’s okay to have a good time sometimes and that if guitar solos are wrong, then we don’t wanna be right.

Make no mistake, NightDrive is no party band. The song lyrics are steeped in relatable, real life experiences: stories of engaging opposition and triumph over tragedy, tales of misplaced trust and broken hearts – but with an overall optimistic and uplifting tone. Songs of finding inner strength you may not have known you had, of promises of better tomorrows, of second chances, of getting up and dusting yourself off to face whatever is next – to prevail.

Musically, their second EP finds them returning to familiar sonic territory, the band’s signature combination of contemporary active rock infused with the spirit of the hard rock heroes of yesteryear that was established on their debut release but is further explored on these three new tracks. Powerful riffs combined with dual lead guitar harmonies and commanding solos set against the background of a tight, hard driving rhythm section and enhanced by strong and confident female vocals and dual male backing vocals.

NightDrive firmly believes that while we’re certainly living in some engaging times, there’s nothing wrong with finding that song the really speaks to you – or for you – and turning it up to 11 while you blast down the highway with all the windows down. In fact, they would even argue that now more than maybe ever, not only is there nothing wrong with it, but it might actually be a necessity.

Maybe one of their songs could be that song for you.

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Studio Time!!

February is an exciting time for us as we’re headed back into the studio to record our next EP. This time, we’re working with Jim Wirt, who has worked on such albums as Incubus’ S.C.I.E.N.C.E, Hoobastank’s self titled, various albums from Live and so on. We’re stoked for the opportunity and excited to share some new tunes with you guys! We’ll keep you guys up to date so stay tuned!!

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