NightDrive is a melodic hard rock band out of Cleveland, Ohio. With a sound inspired by classic hard rock, metal and progressive rock influences, the band aspires to create music that makes your head bob and hands clap while you sing along to every word.

Born in Cleveland in 2017, NightDrive is a heavy-hitting melodic hard rock outfit that delivers a refined combination of energy, melody and sincerity. Heartfelt, relatable lyrics are conveyed in a melodic hard rock format that emphasizes memorable hooks while also including enough musical chops to perk up the ears of even the most discerning rock fan. Following their debute EP, ‘Passengers’, NightDrive is back in the studio recording their new EP this February, which will be released Spring, 2020.

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Studio Time!!

February is an exciting time for us as we’re headed back into the studio to record our next EP. This time, we’re working with Jim Wirt, who has worked on such albums as Incubus’ S.C.I.E.N.C.E, Hoobastank’s self titled, various albums from Live and so on. We’re stoked for the opportunity and excited to share some new tunes with you guys! We’ll keep you guys up to date so stay tuned!!

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